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Don't print then distribute, let Digital To Print Distribute then Print. By using our worldwide distribution channels we can route your output globally through paper, email and web presentment through a single workflow.

Enterprise Class

Our Enterprise solution - Jupiter - is truly Enterprise Class so that we can integrate with your systems. Download this podcast where Glenn Lombino, President of DigitalToPrint talks about International Hybrid Mail with GrayHair Advisors Jody Berenblatt in a PostCom Podcast moderated by PostComs president, Gene Del Polito.

API Automation

Multiple forms of API tools including Web Service based integration are available. Implement, then forget. Your documents will be handled automatically.

Desktop Friendly

Our Windows Print Driver solution - BlueMailCentral - can reduce the cost of your corporate postal mail by up to 55% or even more in some cases. We send your items digitally to a print facility as close as possible to the final destination, where it will be printed and mailed locally to save a lot of time, effort and money.

  JUPITER our global enterprise solution

image Automate your high volume customer communications through the Jupiter platform. Direct feeds, templated composition, intelligent routing combined with profile based aggregation and postal option selection and more to give you full control. JUPITER allows you to outsource closest to end destination country your paper based communications with total control and visibility.

  BLUEMAILCENTRAL our simple print driver connects you to a vast global print network

image BlueMailCentral prints and mails critical documents for small volume mailers, a market segment otherwise overlooked and unserved. Statements, invoices, correspondence, and promotional pieces are all easily outsourced into BMC. Documents created in any desktop application are printed directly via BMC’s installed print driver, which locates the recipient address on your letter, allowing you to modify or accept for eventual routing into our global network of over 40 sites for production and mailing closest to end destination, avoiding costly international postage. Saves time. Saves money. Delivers faster. No high volume requirements.

  POSTALOCITY our proprietary new-technology, web based drag-and-drop mailing portal.

image Postalocity brings the ultimate document outsourcing solution. Seamlessly integrates countless clients each mailing documents of any quantity, with infinite variety and variability, into one production stream, bringing top tier document outsourcing to both the largest and the smallest of mailers. With no set-up lead time, Postalocity immediately processes your job to completion, instantly certifying every U.S. address prior to print, and providing on-screen proofs. International addresses are seamlessly routed to BlueMailCentral’s global print network. The more you mail, the more you will want Postalocity. The less you mail, the more you need Postalocity.