Since 2002 DTP has enabled hundreds/thousands of companies to outsource their communications from hard copy paper-based to soft copy email, fax and text. Our goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively produce your materials in the right country at the right price, optimizing price, service and security. Today DTP provides an established global distribution network of nearly 300 print partners in 50+ countries that is built to handle your international communications needs, through an online portal solution, with the highest levels of online security.

Executive Summary

DigitalToPrint is a privately held company with offices in the USA and England. Founded in 2002 via a group of technology and logistics experts, today we provide services to a global list of Fortune 500 companies.

Our belief is that the right technology, managed with the right expertise, reduces the cost of international print and mail, providing cost-effective access into world-wide markets.

JUPITER is DTP's proprietary technology solution. Developed in house by our own experts and used in more than 50 countries. JUPITER operates as a secure proven platform with a branded web portal, extensive API's and web services to facilitate integration with customer requirements.

DTP uses our consultative methodology to develop and manage programs unique to client’s global objectives. We work hand-in-hand with clients to uncover their true needs and pain points, carefully matching them to the appropriate DSP's in our network. These partners are proficient in, and accountable for, the specific services in print and fulfillment, mail, and distribution.

DTP has a developed global network, and has years of experience and deep expertise in portal to print to delivery for many of the most exacting output requirements. We serve as print management consultants, print partners, postal experts and document workflow specialists as and when required by client’s demands. Our experience coupled with our document workflow platform and global print network uniquely positions DTP to act on behalf of our clients to manage the strict requirements of your global print and mail requirements.

What is Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is any mail created from digital data that is electronically transmitted into a unique global distributive print network via single or multiple sites, then printed and entered at a postal facility or within a transport network for eventual delivery.

Global Print Management

DTP's approach to global enterprise print management is to develop and implement a unique program based on actual customer requirements, leveraging centralized visibility & control, security, and production management along with clearly defined supply chain and business rules. DTP’s “distribute and print” methods allow our clients to communicate efficiently & effectively into markets around the world. Integrating our JUPITER technology platform with a service model and a certified supply chain network, allows our customers to deliver their content with greater speed, lower cost, and relevant localization.


JUPITER is our global document workflow platform, providing access worldwide...a single platform that manages your documents, data, and activity in a multi-lingual secure environment. With JUPITER the client is always in control with complete visibility and tools to create and produce in the markets you choose and with access to the right channels. JUPITER can automate your process from templated composition to final delivery, including financial settlement in multiple currencies.

JUPITER automates the entire production process by integrating with the appropriate global production sites according to geographic and production requirements. By creating a customized private network of global providers with defined service levels, JUPITER users are ensured the security, reliability, and critical to quality services for their printed communications. JUPITER is a comprehensive platform for multi-channel, multi-lingual, access for global users. All approved materials are pushed directly to DSP's according to geographic location. Administration levels allow corporate administrators full visibility of all global activity, reporting, and back-office functions.

And JUPITER can be implemented as a stand-alone platform via our cloud service or installed and integrated into your own system infrastructure. Either way, your documents will be securely managed in a virtual private network unique to your specific global requirements.


The Global Distributive Print Challenge

To you AND to DTP, your content and data are valuable assets. Distributing them to the right place, at the right time, and in the right format is the challenge. So is keeping them safe, protected and secure. Doing this on a global basis in local markets can seem daunting. Since 2002 DTP has been helping customers make this a reality. Starting with our secure Amazon cloud based environment, we help you manage your data, compose and format documents from multiple sources into appropriate outputs, and distribute when and where you need it. Our automation tools make your process highly efficient, safer to use and simpler to manage.

Global Print and Distribution Network

Today DTP has nearly 300 print and delivery partners in over 50 countries and is constantly adding new participant’s at our clients request.