Cut the cost of your print overheads Take advantage of competitive pricing. Our dynamic print solution helps cut costs by reducing stock wastage and expensive storage of printed materials that can and do go out of date.

Productivity soars thanks to a faster experience and an automation process that only we can provide.

Employees' satisfaction increases as the mail processes are automated allowing them to perform more meaningful tasks.

All documents sent, whatever the channel, are archived to allow customized duration.

e-delivery is integrated into your processes without having to manage a separate communications flow!

Flexibility and responsiveness We have proven capability to handle high volumes, complex personalisation, fast turnarounds and variable quantities. Our digital systems mean you can update and approve new content instantly.

Send any document, any file

You can mail a single letter or hundreds of thousands of highly personalized variable based files, originating from any application in any format to any destination.

Send from anywhere

You can securely submit files from your back office business application (ERP, CRM, billing, pay, etc.), PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world, 24x7.

Send to any channel

You can send documents by mail, registered mail, courier or to email, to your archives, to fax or even to your own local printer or print provider. Whatever your decision, we take care of everything: you do not have to print, envelope or send the document.

User Training

DTP provides all the training required to allow you full and confident usage of the JUPITER system.

Complete Automation

We will work with you to automate all of your individual processes, delivering a result better than you currently achieve. This provides a hands-free experience proven to reduce errors, minimize time spent and increase other areas of productivity.

Seamlessly e-deliver

90% of our clients want to e-deliver some of their documents. We can help you seamlessly send documents whenever an email address is detected in the database. However if the document is not e-delivered, it can automatically be mailed to the recipient. No need to worry about managing two processes, or about the quality of your email address database.

Archiving and Storage

All your documents are automatically archived for a configurable duration.

Complete Job Monitoring

Users know the exact status of every one of their documents sent, whatever the channel used, including when it has been composed, approved, printed, mailed or electronically sent.

Mail internationally at a local cost

Wherever you send mail from, our intelligent addressing solutions recognize the country of recipient, normalize the address block and its positioning and have it securely printed and mailed by a local print partner. You access postage at a local domestic cost not the higher priced international services from your origin country.  You also benefit from a 1 to 2 day delivery delay for your mail, as opposed to 7-10 days traditionally for international mail.

Database Cleansing and Returns

We work with you to pre-cleanse your database, to remove addresses that otherwise go undelivered. We provide an in-country un-deliverable returns service, scanning all items returned and providing access to these digitally in real time.

Add attachments

Our Intelligent Hybrid Mail solution allows you to automate your current manual processes: have documents printed on your stationery, add other documents into the envelope, add marketing messages onto the document or personalize each and every document.

Solutions for our Customers

Whether you're a private or public organization, large or small, hybrid mail will help achieve tangible benefits that will have an immediate impact on your balance sheet, your employees' productivity and satisfaction as well as your clients’, patients or partners perception.

Benefits for the Mail Generator

  • Dramatic reduction of overheads and in-house costs
  • Omni Channel capabilities between hard and soft copy communications
  • Third Party provision of best in class services for more accurate and less expensive output
  • Fully outsourced solution
  • Ability to purchase a wide array of value-add solutions
  • Faster time to delivery by producing nearest to end destination in both domestic and international instances
  • Faster Posting of statements and invoices results in Faster Payments Collection
  • Validation of data - consistency
  • Ad-hoc redesign of documents
  • Reduction of Time-to-Market
  • Personalised capabilities - Marketing Campaigns Management
  • Distribution to end customers in digital formats
  • Ability to Archive and retrieve
  • Immediate reprints, or conversion to different formats
  • Paperless options and commitment to protect the environment

Benefits for the Postal Services Provider

  • Receiving / Collecting data from sources they don’t have access too, resulting in cost optimization
  • Ability to receive and process various formats (format agnostic)
  • Processing Data in parallel (multiple production lines)
  • Matching of data, ruling, sorting, grouping, assigning content (layouts, images, statistics, graphics), Barcodes, Global Counters, Algorithms, co-enveloping, zip code validation, etc.
  • Shop floor optimization leading to lower overheads
  • A more efficient return mail processing system providing immediate feedback
  • Ability to cooperate with foreign Post Offices for postal optimization
  • Ability to pursue additional revenue sources
  • Archiving of the generated documents that can be used for documents' reprints either for end-customers or for legal purposes, transformation to special formats (XML, XLS, PDF, SWF, HTML, etc.), as replicated data for disaster recovery, etc.
  • Ability to go from Proofing to Printing
  • Ad-hoc redesign of documents
  • Special Marketing Campaigns
  • Processing address changes, workflow
  • Electronic Output and delivery (personalized emails, web, SMS, etc.)
  • Delivery of digital signed documents
  • Virtually any known print format capability (Duplex, Simplex, One-Up, Two-Up, Continuous Feed / Cut Sheets, Barcodes, OCR Strings)
  • Data integrity engine that compares the input with the output
  • Automated Graphical user interface
  • Complete XML architecture with Java implementation

Why you Should Outsource your Print and Mail?

Determining whether to shut down your internal print and mail operation and outsource to a print service provider, as opposed to keeping it in-house and potentially making capital investments in technology can be a very difficult decision to make.  Those in favor of keeping print and mail in-house have concerns over sending customer data outside the organization and believe investing in new technology will improve operational workflows, enhance the customer experience and increase brand recognition by adding additional new features that continual are introduced.  Proponents of outsourcing believe that print and mail is not any company’s core competency (except for a printing company) and therefore let those who do what they do best handle your output, besides outsourcing always proves to be the least cost effective methodology.

Here's what we feel are key drivers in choosing outsourcing methodology:

  • There's an overall decline in transactional print volumes thanks to cost cutting and the advent of purely electronic communications.
  • Purchasing proper equipment is complex, confusing and expensive. Coupled with technology changing so fast, that major equipment purchasing can seem non-stop, as well as on-going along with staff training and implementation.
  • Clients want color in their output and your equipment may well still be black and white. So do you purchase the more expensive color equipment or produce black and white and outsource only the color work? Another complexity you should not have to consider.
  • Increased Regulatory pressures require full and ongoing document integrity. Just a single document produced that doesn't meet regulatory requirements can and will cost you time and money.
  • Single site operations such as your internal in-sourced location must rely on third-party providers for disaster recovery, cloud computing and storage as well as business resumption services. Why outsource some of the workload and not all of it?
  • Expertise and experience in print management and support
  • IT help desk
  • Streamlined billing
  • Software tools
  • Help manage your environment
  • Management reports