We have taken a very different approach to providing unique, customized global communications solutions.  Our goal is to provide cost and overhead savings via our global network of outsourced solutions providers.  Our job is to secure the best in class providers in the countries clients want, with no two of our customers having the identical bespoke solution.  With DTP they have found the right solution to their unique challenges via any of the following:

Global Hybrid Print and Mail

Why produce global communications with local print and mail providers when it can cost more and actually delay eventual delivery?If you have international mail, you should take advantage of Hybrid Mail. DTP’s Hybrid Mail Solution securely manages your digital data then electronically transmits into our global distributive print network.  We compose and print mail from within our 300+ global sites, choosing from those which optimize delivery times while also minimizing your production costs.  And we can provide local production and domestic delivery from within our network for less than you can via your current in country provider.

DTP’s Hybrid Mail Solution provides a powerful set of services and customizations:

  • Document templating and archiving.
  • Document composition and variable data build.
  • Secure digital transmission of data and documents.
  • Address correction and returns management.
  • Global distributive print and mail.
  • House-holding.
  • Choice of multiple delivery options.
  • Complete range of output capabilities.

Global Print Management

Our approach to global print management is to develop and implement a unique enterprise program based on actual customer requirements. One that leverages centralized visibility and control along with security, and production management via our proprietary cloud based technology platform. Couple this with a clearly defined professional supply chain along with your specific business rules and you save time, money and effort. Leveraging DTP’s “distribute and print” workflow, customers communicate efficiently and effectively into their global markets. Integrating our JUPITER technology platform, with a service model and a certified supply chain network, allows customers to deliver their content with greater speed, lower cost, and relevant localization.

DTP’s Global Print Management solutions offer the following unique benefits:

  • A global strategic workflow customized to your requirements.
  • Globally managed services from one portal.
  • Digital and offset print production - worldwide distributive print.
  • Inventory management, warehousing and fulfillment.
  • Multiple distribution and delivery options.
  • Web based technology workflow.
  • Customized applications and integration.
  • Global access with centralized control.
  • e-Storefront and catalog management.
  • Digital asset repository and archiving.
  • Web shop functionality.
  • Image library.
  • Image archiving.
  • Image management.
  • Light digital asset management.
  • Complete range of output capabilities.


Many types of organizations-including large print providers, global transportation providers, national post offices as well as print brokers and print management companies-have licensed our bespoke software solution, JUPITER.  Their objectives vary from client to client but all would agree that licensing a proven, stable and secure platform is significantly better than building their own. Licensing JUPITER may well be the most efficient way for your company to participate in this rapidly growing global marketplace.

Our Licensing partners have the following options:

  • Cloud Based, or physically installed behind your own firewall.
  • Speed to market.
  • Ability to tie together your wholly owned facilities or offer our global network.
  • 24x7 support and development.
  • Launch new products.
  • Introduce cutting edge technology into your offerings.